About Us

RUDI was initiated by Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) in 2004.RUDI Multi Trading Company Limited has been established in 2007 with an objective to internally generate funds for the rural producer groups, enhance the quality, capacity and efficiency of production with the help of new technology for the farming, warehousing and post-harvest processing of the agro commodities and improve the economic condition of the marginal farmers and workers who are struggling to survive and are below the poverty line.

RUDI Company enables direct promotion and marketing of the agro commodities procured through Farmer’s Association in the rural retail network of farmers and agriculture labourers across all the villages of 14 districts of Gujarat.
The idea of setting up a rural distribution network is to provide multi user facilities and build up an integrated value chain in order to enhance the efficiency of agricultural activities, to reduce the hardships by the producers, processors and to create multiple employment opportunities and efficient supply of agro products to rural members.

The profile of the rural producers with whom RUDI has been working can be described as follows-;
    • Small and marginal producers ;
    • Heavily dependent upon the nature i.e. Rainfall or do the rain fed cultivation.
    • Lack of access to marketing information and current marketing changes.
    • Absence of modern technologies and infrastructure in the rural areas.
    • Non – farm activities include farm labouring, salt production, weaving, production of handicrafts and handlooms.
       also contributes a major part to the income.
    • Still trapped in the clutches of moneylenders.
    • Low level of awareness to the modern hybrid seeds, proper use of fertilizers and pesticides.
    • Lack of awareness regarding the government schemes and facilities.
    • Lack of access to better storage and other related infrastructure.

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