Surajben is 55 years old and worked as an agricultural laborer in a difficult financial situation until age 50, when she became a Rudiben.

She is with SEWA for more than 20 years, she is involved in many SEWA activities in her village. Surajben has developed a strong network of 100 customers in her village of Sanjaya with 1,500 households and 700 SEWA members.

Due to RUDI sales work which keeps her out of the house till late hours and travels to the District Processing Center every Saturday, no one has denied her access to go out and sell products. Infact her husband and son are helping her in selling RUDI products their factories.

“Even though I started selling RUDI products after my 50 years of age, now I am earning same amount as my husband and son”

RUDIBEN’S NAME – Surajben | VILLAGE – Sanjaya | DISTRICT– Anand

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